LK Hawks
Owner, Artist

After being a Professor at Utah State University, LK Hawks took early retirement (after 26 years) to follow her passion for fusing glass. Her art pieces are a culmination of more than ten years of art experiences in pottery, welding, sand blasting, fusing and slumping glass.  Hawks has taken every opportunity to train herself in the techniques and methods of creating glass art. She has been educated by some of the best glass artists in the county. As a result of these experiences, she has developed new techniques and processes that result in unique art pieces. Unlike other artists, she colors her glass rather than purchasing colored glass, which gives art pieces "organic characteristics." 

Hawks loves playing with the optical qualities of glass by stacking sideways, coloring between layers, adding dichroic glass, integrating controlled bubbles, fusing copper and other materials between layers, and replicating items found in nature, such as "Amethyst Geodes" and "Rainbow and Brown Trout."  All art pieces are unique and one of a kind.

Hawks has been honored by being the featured Artist in a number of gallery shows in Logan, Moab, and St. George.  In 2009. she received "Best of Show" at the Bend Oregon Art Show.  In addition, ten art galleries now sell her art pieces.  They can be found in the galleries section of this web site.