Glass was first made somewhere in the Middle East around 5,000 years ago.  In early times,  glass making was rare, guarded and shrouded in mystery. Those who possed the knowledge and skill of creating glass were viewed as having mystical powers. Throughout the ages, glass has been an important material in creating usable items. More recently, the art of glass making has been rediscovered as a fine art form. Glass has wonderful qualities that can be used in creating art which include: iridescense, transparency, opaqueness, light reflection, and a whole range of color possibilites.

Welcome to "Fused Glass Station." Come in, browse the gallery and find out where you can purchase fused glass art pieces (online, from galleries or shows planned for 2012). The "Fused Glass Station" focuses on developing new techniques and methods of creating fused glass art out of recycled glass.  Unlike other fused glass artists, glass is colored by the artist rather than purchasing colored glass and fusing. In addition, custom art pieces are often created using specifications provided by the client.